This week has been a breeze. I stuck right to the program, with only a few cravings for pizza. As the weeks go by, I am finding this program easier and easier. I really look forward to preparing and cooking meals at the end of a hard workday. In the past, I used the excuse that I was too tired from work so let’s order take out. Now I find cooking dinner relaxing. I use the time to unwind and digest how my day went. It also doesn’t hurt that we use this opportunity to try out new meals.  As I mentioned on previous posts, I wasn’t big into making my own food. Instead, I convinced myself that take out food was easier and therefore better. I was wrong and I am not ashamed to say it. Sure, take out was easy but it made me over weight. Now, making meals is very fun and interesting.


This week we made a burger or rather a meatball in the shape of a burger patty. Our burger consisted of extra lean ground beef, jalapeno and more (Paula made the patty, so I’m not sure what else was in it. I just barbequed it). The spice of the jalapeno gave it a nice little kick and it was more enjoyable. Normally, I wouldn’t use things like jalapeno while cooking food. I liked to keep it nice and simple. So simple in fact, I wouldn’t even buy ground beef to make my own burgers. I would buy the store-bought frozen burgers or order a burger from a fast food joint like McDonalds. Making the burger ourselves made it that much better and we did it how we wanted to and what we were craving. It was quite delicious and will be added to the list of foods we want to cook again.


As everyone knows, this week was Halloween; the one-day it is acceptable to binge on chocolate. No so easy for someone on a diet. In the past, I’d buy a few boxes of chocolate for the kids knowing full well that only a half a dozen kids would stop by trick or treating. This would mean that all the left-over chocolate would be mine to enjoy. This year, I fully prepared myself for this delicious seasonal event. I only purchased a large box of chocolate, but this time I gave the kids a huge handful of chocolate. By the end of the night over half the box was gone. I wasn’t about to ruin my progress for chocolate, so the rest if the box was given to a family member. I was dreading Halloween this year, but I ended up enjoying it and didn’t give up on the program.


This week I ended up losing 4lbs which brings my total loss to 27lbs. I am just under half to my goal!