AMD Antimicrobial Foam Fenestrated Disc Dressing


AMD Antimicrobial Foam Fenestrated Disc Dressing

CCAC Group: Feeding Supplies / Misc
CCAC SKU: 4005
Manufacturer SKU: 55512AMDX
Product Description:

Antimicrobial foam dressing, has an outer diameter of 1" and an inner luemen diameter of 0.276"

Usage Description:

The Powerful protection of Kendall™ AMD antimicrobial foam dressings are also available in foam discs which are effective for up to 7 days. The PHMB impregnated foam discs help to provide a barrier of protection for catheter insertion sites such central venous catheters (CVC) and peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs). The Kendall™ AMD antimicrobial foam discs are also ideal for use around external fixation devices.

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