February - 2021

20 Feb
Dressing for the cold

 It's February which the coldest month of the year as we battle polar vortexes and frigid temperatures. Two concerns with exposure to these low temperatures are hypothermia and frostbite.

16 Feb
Science of Diets

Whether the goal is to reduce blood pressure, improve energy or lose weight, changing how and what we eat can have a significant impact.  There are so many fad or gimmick diets designed to convince people that they can reach their goals with little or no effort.   In fact, Canadians spend over $7

13 Feb
Healthcare advancements

The COVID-19 pandemic has been forefront in the news and on our minds for a year now. With vaccinations beginning, hope has blossomed for an end to the pandemic or at least a beginning to an end.

10 Feb

One of the key; aspects of any health care plan is monitoring.  Whether we are talking about blood pressure, blood sugars or even temperature, knowing where you stand can help plan where you need to be.  Studies have shown that patients who take an active role in their monitoring are more likely

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