April - 2020

16 Apr

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) causing global concern, and health officials recommending quarantining to help decrease the spread of the disease, it’s easy to begin panicking. While being informed is important, it’s also crucial that we manage our personal well-being during times like this.

16 Apr

When times seem bleak and filled with uncertainty, we often tend to dwell on the bad and totally disregard the good. With the current pandemic, it’s easy to get into a ‘doomsday’ mindset and neglect to acknowledge the wonderful things in life.

16 Apr

Throughout the centuries, the world has known many pandemics. The destruction caused by invisible enemies like smallpox, and the Spanish Flu was devastating; but fortunately, the world did recover.

09 Apr

Each year, a word or phrase is selected by the American Dialect Society as the word of the year. In previous years, “fake news,” “hashtag,” or “app, ”have made the cut — based on the usage by society at large.

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