March - 2019

29 Mar

By Linda Chapman


28 Mar

Wow! My last week on Ideal Protein! To be honest with you, this last week was very challenging. Being so close and yet so far from being able to eat whatever I wanted (within reason) was something I struggled with all week. Grocery shopping was particularly hard.

26 Mar

What do Barney the dinosaur, the musician formerly known as Prince and Epilepsy have in common?  They have all chosen purple as their definitive colour.  In 2008, a nine year old girl from Nova Scotia, Cassidy Megan wanted to raise awareness about epilepsy.  She chose the colour because in some c

21 Mar

Ahhhhhh…phase three! Finally! Bread, how I’ve missed you! Phase three is probably the trickiest phase out of the whole program. Why? Well, you’re introducing more carbs back into your diet and that means you really need to pay attention to what is going into your body.

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