January - 2019

25 Jan

Another week down and another dream about bread. Why must my subconscious torture me so? I’m also dreaming a lot about cheating on the program and feeling horrible afterwards. I guess my subconscious is helping out there.


17 Jan

I did it. I am now back on phase one of the Ideal Protein Protocol. It was mentally hard getting back on the program, especially since I am doing it alone now. Yep, as I thought, Cody has decided he has lost enough weight and did not go back on phase one after the Christmas break as planned.

11 Jan

Tips for New Ostomy Patients

In North America, there are approximately 70,000 new ostomy surgeries performed every year. Translation: chances are you know someone who has or is scheduled to have ostomy surgery.

07 Jan

Our planned two weeks off the weight loss program has come to an end. Paula and I went to visit her family in Winnipeg for Christmas, which was extremely fun. I always enjoy visiting her family and the whole Winnipeg atmosphere.

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