24 Dec

’Twas the night before Christmas, At the Yurek Pharmacy Store,

Steve suffered from Writer’s Block, He could not write one article more.


I’ve covered a plethora of topics, our poor writer lamented,

12 Dec

We teach our young children that if they misbehave, a jolly old man in a red suit will see and send them straight to the naughty list.  Those children will not reap the benefits of presents and instead will get a stocking full of coal (much to their disappointment and raising the ire of environme

01 Dec

The holidays bring a plethora of tasty treats and indulgences to tempt even the most pious among us. For some of us, the anxiety and burden of the holidays sends us to comfort foods to fill a void.

15 Nov

November is Osteoporosis month. (It’s hard to tell because, for some reason, greeting cards manufacturers have decided to overshadow the Osteoporosis cards with Christmas cards!).

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