December - 2018

18 Dec

Winter brings many positive things such as sweater weather, warm soup and winter sports.   A Canadian way of life includes dealing with snow, ice and cold temperatures.

17 Dec

This week is the first week of phase three for our phasing off for Christmas. Phase three introduces some breakfast items that were not previously allowed. I can now have fruit with breakfast. I didn’t realize how much I would miss fruit when I started my weight loss program.

17 Dec

Before I start talking about my week, let me just say one thing…BREAD!!! Oh, how I’ve waited for this day! Alright, let me back up a little bit and start from the beginning. Phase three started mid-way through this week. You know what Phase three means? Bread!

10 Dec

Week nine was the first full week we were on phase two of Ideal Protein. As I mentioned last week, eating 8 oz of meat and two cups of veggies was not the easiest of tasks — especially when on a week day. I made myself a lot of cabbage soup, but I got bored with it really quickly.

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