October - 2018

26 Oct

This was another successful week on the Ideal Protein program. Some exciting news happened this week. Not one, not two but three people had noticed that I have lost weight and all at separate times. These were all people I haven’t seen since I started on the program.

26 Oct

As you can imagine, the longer I am on Ideal Protein, the easier it gets.  Therefore, you may think, “what more can she write about?!” Well, let me tell you, there is plenty! I have a hard time keeping these stories to the length of a blog post, not a novel…


19 Oct

When compared to the previous week, this past week was actually pretty good. There wasn’t any big get together like a wedding or Thanksgiving! These events created large challenges for us in the first week.

19 Oct

Another week on Ideal Protein has come and gone. I feel like we are starting to get into more of a groove. We have pretty much memorized what we can and cannot eat so making dinners has gotten a lot easier. One of my new favourite meals is beef and broccoli on a bed of cauliflower rice.

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