Respiratory Care

Currently Dealing with Asthma or COPD?

Take advantage of our enhanced respiratory service offering

  • Regular one-on-one meetings with a Certified Respiratory Educator
  • Regular lung function tests to track both disease progression and medication effectiveness
  • Inhaler technique review
  • Medication assessment
  • Personalized action plans for self-management

This is a FREE program for all Yurek prescription customers and there is no limit to the number of consultations. Each consultation will be approximately 30 minutes and copies of all test results will be provided.

Yurek staff may not be superhuman, but they will do their best to give you super service and dependability that you deserve.

Contact us today to start the process and begin a partnership for your long-term health.

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21 Mar

The brain is the control centre of the human body. It controls how we think, feel, communicate and move. Understanding how your brain works can help you understand stroke.

Brain cells

21 Mar

You may notice that your colleagues, friends or family are wearing mismatched or unusual socks today. Is this a fashion statement?  A laundry mishap?