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CCAC SKU: 1410
Catheter Care Kit
CCAC SKU: 1401
Disposable Scalpel
CCAC SKU: 1425
ET Trunk Kit
CCAC SKU: 1404
Iris Scissors 4.5 inches
CCAC SKU: 1402
Metal Probe 15cm
CCAC SKU: 1418
Pleurx Drainage Kit 500ml
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19 Nov

Has week 6 come and gone already? Time is really going fast! Nothing particularly big happened this week. Although, I have been noticing my rings getting looser. One in particular should be able to come off any day now. This is exciting to me!

19 Nov

Another successful week on Ideal Protein! I feel myself losing more weight and gaining more energy. This by itself is enough encouragement for me to continue on this program. Nevertheless, it does help when I receive compliments and encouragement from others.