Eakin Cohesive Seals


Eakin Cohesive Seals

CCAC Group: Ostomy Supplies, Accessories
CCAC SKU: 3604
Manufacturer SKU: 839002
Product Size: 50mm
Product Description:

Ostomy cohesive seal

How should this product be used?

1.Clean and dry the surrounding skin 2.Warm the Seal between your hands before removing the white paper (This is not necessary for Cohesive Slims®) 3.Remove the paper and mould the Cohesive® Seal by gently teasing and stretching it into the shape to suit your body's individual needs 4.Position on the body and carefully mould the Cohesive® Seal to ensure a snug fit around the stoma. No skin directly around the stoma should be exposed 5.Flatten the outer edge of the Seal. Warmth from your hands will help to ensure a good seal is achieved 6.Fit the pouch as normal and hold in position for 30 seconds.

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Name: ConvaTec
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