AMD Kerlix Roll


AMD Kerlix Roll

CCAC Group: Wound Care, Antimicrobials / Silver
CCAC SKU: 2511
Manufacturer SKU: 3332
Product Size: 4.5" X 4.1YDS
Product Description:

Antimicrobial roll. It provides fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency.

Usage Description:

Change q 3 days. For surgical and chronic wounds and burns. Can be loosely packed into large wounds or used as a roll to wrap weeping legs. Requires a secondary dressing.

How should this product be used?

•Can be used as a primary dressing to help protect against infection •Can be uses as a secondary dressing to prevent bacterial penetration through and bacterial growth within the dressing

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Name: DermaScience
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