Expired Drugs Can Be Harmful, Even Dangerous by Mahdi Khanafer

editor 16 Mar
Expired Drugs

Expired Drugs Can Be Harmful, Even Dangerous by Mahdi Khanafer

This bottle of Demerol used to help relieve moderate to severe pain including before and during surgery, was returned to Yurek Pharmacy a few days ago. Please pay close attention to the date on the prescription vial; it’s 41 years old! Thank goodness the person who returned it did not dispose of the pills themselves.

Medication that goes down the drain can hurt our lakes and rivers, and medication in household garbage is not only accessible to children and pets but can also contaminate the soil and water sources.   

By returning medications for proper disposal, you reduce the chance of them being abused or misused. 

Another reason to return unused and expired medication is to reduce the harm caused by medication that may be less effective or interact with current therapies. 

It is important to know that prescription drugs can be returned to local pharmacies for disposal any day of the year. All pharmacies will accept them and there is no charge to you for the disposal. 

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