Paula's Thirteenth Week on Ideal Protein

Wendy Kampers 25 Jan

Paula's Thirteenth Week on Ideal Protein

Another week down and another dream about bread. Why must my subconscious torture me so? I’m also dreaming a lot about cheating on the program and feeling horrible afterwards. I guess my subconscious is helping out there.


I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. Although, I am growing impatient. Cody lost all his weight so easily, and here I am inching along pound by pound. This could be because I lost so much the first week back on the program and, in comparison, this week I only lost little. Or it could be because I keep dreaming about things I can’t eat. Either way, I’ve calculated that I’ll reach my goal by end of March. Two months seems both a long way away and not too far away, at the same time. Can you believe it’s almost the end of January? Time and days go by so fast.


One thing I find more difficult when going through the Ideal Protein journey alone is eating out. This weekend, we went to go visit Cody’s mother in Guelph and that always entails going out to eat. When we were both on the program, I had no issue looking for a restaurant that would serve appropriate meals. However, this time, because I was the only one in search of a healthy meal, I felt awful for limiting both Cody and his mother’s choices. Not that they minded, but I still felt bad.


As of today, 16 is the number I’m focusing on. That’s how many pounds I still need to lose to I reach my goal of 50 pounds total. Sixteen is such a small number compared to the fifty I started out with. When I’m feeling impatient, this is how I calm myself down. Sixteen, that’s over two thirds of my goal reached. You know what else is two thirds? My rings! That’s right, I was able to get a second ring off my finger this week! Now I’m only left with one ring that’s stuck on my hand. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is!

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