November - 2018

30 Nov

Senior Safety


When the winter air is crisp, and the ground is covered with snow, there’s nothing like taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of the season – and walking is one of the best ways to keep fit.

26 Nov

Week 7 done! As the weeks go on this program gets easier and easier.  When I began the program, I have thought the portion sizes were extremely small; especially the breakfast and lunch meals.

26 Nov

I have great news! You know how in my previous posts I mentioned that one of the reasons I wanted to lose the weight was because I couldn’t take my rings off? Well! One of them came off!

25 Nov

You feel unwell.  You go to see your doctor to let her know you’re having trouble coping.  Your job is causing you upset and you’re frustrated because everything is costing more money and you can’t make ends meet.  You don’t feel like getting out of bed most days, and you have a variety of aches

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