Reasons to Get a Shower Chair

Rob Matic 28 Jul

Reasons to Get a Shower Chair

Do you have a difficult time with your mobility or keeping your balance? Taking a shower or a bath can be very unsafe. Instead of living dangerously and risking your health every time you step in the shower, you should considers shower chairs; they are an amazing healthcare aid.

Unfortunately, even with the utmost caution, slips and falls can happen in and around the tub. The older we get, the more hazardous having a bath or shower can be.



Because using the tub is too scary for some, they resort to sponge baths. With a shower chair, you don’t need to worry about slipping in the tub and getting knocked out.




Poor mobility and balance can make bathing without aids anything but relaxing. You are always paying attention to avoid the slightest slip.


With a shower chair, you can actually relax under the shower and enjoy the warm water. Combined with carefully installed grab bars, you will be transferring yourself safely, even on to a wheelchair.




Unfortunately, mobility becomes more limited with age. We get slower, heavier, and wheels replace legs. As a result, traversing the distance between you and the shower chair becomes a greater challenge. But that isn’t a problem as there are many different styles of shower chairs to accommodate your needs.


For example, to make the transition over the tub safer, there is a shower chair with a seat that allows you to slide over the edge of the tub. In addition, a grab bar makes shifting position easier.





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Don’t risk falling in the tub! It could put you in the hospital, cause you great pain, or ruin your ability to be independent. Get a shower chair. You’ll be safe and able to relax in the type of chair that meets your specific needs.


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